FlightPath Discovery Pro (powered by Hogan Assessments)


FlightPath Discovery Pro powered by Hogan Assessments


When you download FlightPath Discovery Pro powered by Hogan Assessment you have a comprehensive career planning workbook.  Once you input your information and return it to us and respond to the Hogan Assessment link; we will send you back your completed FlightPath Pro (within 5 days) that shows the alignment between your assets (competency, experience, education, and network) and personal values.  Your FlightPath Pro is dynamic so you can refine it over time as you progress or circumstances change.  You can change your selected career destination and check the fit.  Provided with your FlightPath Pro is a one hour meeting to debrief  and chart your career strategy with a member of our team.

Just as a pilot plans their flight path by considering destination, topography, distance, fuel levels, air traffic, weather, wind speed and direction; your career FlightPath will consider career destination, competency, experience, education and network. A pilot also considers the safety and needs of their passengers, your FlightPath will consider personal values for an indication of good alignment with what matters most to you. Frequently a pilot faces changes and has to adapt mid-flight. The same happens with a career, and the stakes are high just as with a pilot, so with FlightPath you can explore different career destinations in a safe environment.


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