Career Development Cause

Challenges of working in 2022-2065

  • Companies have embraced modular, gig structured work, and consequently are spending less effort training and developing employees (down 30-40%). Employees are on their own to figure out what they develop, how and to what end.
  • The job-flow rates from 2020-21 for many industries as compared with the great recession of 2007-9 is worse, permanent disruption in multiple industries and career fields.Individuals are left pivoting their careers and reskilling to regain meaningful work is difficult.
  • Underemployment and unemployment of recent college graduates is greater than 53%. Many college degree programs cannot keep up with the fast pace of a changing workforce, are currently preparing graduates for jobs that no longer exist, and many are not educating students with the right skills for the job they want.

Most career planning and development models are static, they focus on determining best occupational fit, offer generic planning templates, and leave out personal values and professional network. Ours is fundamentally different by providing:

  • Dynamic tool that shows career pathways focusing on more than just the next role
  • Wide array of occupations to explore
  • Personalized gap-analysis showing the skills needed to reach the next level
  • Recommended trainings to help close the gap
  • Blended technology and personal contact keeping our services ultra-accessible and valuable

Big goals

We intend to impact:

  • Careers that are guided by strategy instead of trial and error
  • Stress levels and loss of fortune from career disruption by proactive building skills and seeking experience for advantage
  • Engagement from greater fulfillment leading to more productive workers (on average engaged workers are 22% more productive)

Our business model

We maximize access to our tools and provide strategic guidance to each client to distill the learning related to their career strategy.  We target three groups, though our framework is extremely versatile: college seniors, career professionals under the age of 24 that are experiencing extreme underemployment and mid-career professionals that are facing disruption (i.e., returning from mat leave, restructuring, displacement due to industry or technology trends, their own prerogative, etc.).

We pack a lot into our framework by partnering with Hogan Assessments which brings deep insight into reputation at work and values that are critical to align with a career path strategy.

We volunteer our services at universities and have pilots planned for Fall of 2021 with the University of MN, Northern Arizona University.

We’ve formed a diverse core team of 3: Elizabeth Nelson a Millennial, female PhD in Mechanical Engineering and Material Science; Darwin Hanson, a Boomer, male, BS Finance an entrepreneur in software as service; and Brent Peterson, a Boomer, male, MA HR, with large company HR experience.  Brent and Darwin are certified in the Hogan Assessment.

Our early market experience has been gratifying and educational.  A recent customer shared this review: “How do we understand a career plan based on an individual's desires, talents and strategy beyond a single organization's lens? FlightPath Discovery Pro is a guided framework that helped me look beyond the next role or title within familiar orgs and think about future destinations, responsibilities, and cultures. I found the tools easy to use and the customer support responsive. I especially like that the FlightPath Discovery tool remains accessible and “living” as my professional network resources grow and my field evolves. If you’re looking for a longer-term or more strategic view than what an employer offers, check out FlightPath! Customer April 2021”

Call to action

The biggest thing you can do to help is help spread the word that we exist.  We are doers and builders and marketing, advertising and selling are areas we need help in.  Careers occupy on average 35% of our waking hours and either generate fulfillment or frustration, and we believe we can shift this to the former with our innovative framework.