Accessible to regular people

With our software and analytics we can quickly get under the hood and diagnose how to get your career moving as you intend.

Analytics based coaching

We access skills, network or relationship health, values and compare you with the career destination you choose.  We combine these analytics with a career coach or advisor that can get you off and running with a single hour with your advisor.

Sculpting an experience pathway unique to you

We like to say its the theory of the stepping stones to reach your destination and with a theory you notice things you otherwise wouldn't - like opportunities, people who can and want to help you, ways to develop your skills and pick opportunities that better align with your values.



"After more than 30 years in HR with large companies, I founded Career Authority with Darwin to bring an innovative, highly accessible career development platform to anyone that wants to lead a bolder career.  Bold, meaning go for what they want, unite and focus the means they have to pursue it and be fulfilled in their life's work." 

-Brent Peterson, Founder

I joined Career Authority because I wanted to help other Ph. D.s that want to shift their career in another direction. I like our approach as it is analytical and allows you to choose your path - we don't pigeon hole you."

-Elizabeth Nelson, Ph. D. and Partner


"I founded Career Authority out what I felt was my duty to bring my software and analytical background to the very important topic of helping provide career planning tools to everyone especially young people that can benefit for decades."

-Darwin Hanson, Founder

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