FlightPath Pro for Organizations


FlightPath Pro for organizations: includes 360 degree feedback, 5 months of coaching and access to on demand learning modules


Bringing FlightPath Pro into an organization can be as part of a Leadership Development Program.  We use the same FlightPath Pro chassis but add 360-degree interviews to validate and build buy-in from the organization for our client’s development.  We than provide coaching which is focused on improving their effectiveness while generating greater organizational value.  Contact us at brent.peterson@grittierlto.com to get started.


  1. FlightPath assessment
  2. Hogan assessments
  3. Debrief on findings
  4. Two additional hours of access to your career advisor
  5. 360 degree interviews and debrief on additional findings
  6. Development plan with editable FlightPath Pro canvas
  7. Several months of coaching and development support
  8. Access to all E-learning modules for skill development


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