FlightPath Pro + Coaching

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FlightPath Pro + Coaching


A great solution for Directors, Middle Managers and Individual Contributors within an organization is FlightPath Pro + Coaching. The organization gains insight into mid-managers future potential, and individuals see how their work experience benefits their future career development. Resulting in improved engagement/productivity and reduced turnover with a value of approximately $30,000 per FlightPath Pro use.


  1. FlightPath assessment
  2. Hogan assessments
  3. 90 minute debrief
  4. Editable, strategic career plan
  5. 3 months of coaching
  6. Access to all E-learning modules for skill development

1 review for FlightPath Pro + Coaching

  1. Bridgette

    I found working with Brent to be very enlightening. I was impressed with how in depth he went and how much he cared about my career plan. He was able to point out my weaknesses and gave me the tools to work on improving them. He also helped me create a career plan and gave me guidance on how I could reach my career goals, which I found extremely valuable.

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