Resume Reconditioning


Resume Reconditioning


If you are a FlightPath customer and want our help updating your resume, we’ll provide you with an updated version that emphasizes your skills, experience and creates a story of your career trajectory.  We are uniquely positioned to do this for you due to the appreciation for your background that FlightPath provides us.  To recondition your resume we need your current resume.

We put your resume through 7 steps to recondition.  We may need to pass it back and forth twice to get the information we need:

  1. Where do you want to go – career objective that goes beyond a position and to “a cause”
  2. Summary of skills – things that search well, and play more in the “competency domain” which really helps a recruiter kick off a conversation.
  3. Experiences that create a storyline.
  4. How to differentiate experience – what’s unique and how to make it pop. Sometimes this is the companies you worked for more than the titles, sometimes its progression, sometimes it’s the interesting experiences.
  5. Positioning education in the best way depending on whether its great, average or below average. Great education should be showcased.
  6. Skills, volunteering, interests are good to round out the story of the person.
  7. Clean look, after all is said and done can you stare at it for 3-4 minutes and get an impression (hopefully positive). Typos are killers.


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